Bejeweled Heart
Awakening the Light Within

By Gia Govinda Marie

     Getting Ready... a Message from Gia

From time immemorial, people have awaited the long-prophesied coming of a massive Change.  Whether they call it the Ascension, the Rapture, the Apocalypse, or the beginning of The Golden Age, it all boils down to one thing:  The mindful awakening of the earth's people to their individual "realities" and the need to raise one's perception from 'lower' or 'simple human,' to 'higher' or 'superconsciousness.'  In her book, Bejeweled Heart, author Gia Govinda Marie shows us the way to understand ourselves and to prepare for the greatest Change of all.

Bejeweled Heart is a daily companion housing a concise collection of affirmations and writings designed to transform the frequency of its readers in preparation for the Great Shift, which has already begun on planet earth.  This powerful book supports humanity in its Conscious Awakening process and assists the reader in discovering and fulfilling their soul's mission, guiding them in their spiritual evolution and healing, as we enter The Golden Age of Light.

Gia Govinda Marie is a healer, teacher, and writer who lives in the Midwest with her beautiful daughter, Camille, and her beloved animals, Thorin and Little Buddha,on their enchanted woodland acreage.  She has studied metaphysics for over twenty years.  Her private healing arts practice encompasses Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, Meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Light Body Activation, and communing with Nature Spirits, Angels, and the Beings of Light.  Gia dedicates her life to assisting others in their healing and Conscious Awakening process and would like to thank you for visiting BejeweledHeart.com!

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